A Short Summary About Me


Dr. Dan Luo is an architect with strong computer science background. She has a Ph.D in digital design and fabrication from Tsinghua University School of Architecture ( 2019), a Master of Architecture from Columbia University (2014) and a Bachelor of Art from The University of Hong Kong (2010). She studied Computer science in Zhejiang University before transferring to HKU, and is currently in process of completing the Master of Computer and Information Technology from Universit y of Pennsylvania. Her research interest encompasses a variety of different topics from robotic, artificial intelligence, material computation to human centric collaborative fabrication with VR/AR . It is her research vision to utilize emerging technology t o enhance our ability to understand, design and interact with space information and material. She led independent workshops in multiple universities in China with topics ranging from customizing digital design interfaces, interactive design, AR/VR, roboti c, to machine learning since 2014.

As a practicing architect she has worked for UN Studio during 2011 – 201 2 where she contributed on multiple competitions and commissioned project. In the Past, her design works have been featured in exhibitions such as Milan Triennial . She had been exhibition designer for exhi bitions in Architecture Center NY and The China Millennium Monument . She worked as the director of international collaboration for China Building Center since 2014, where the main responsibility is curating international competitions as well as education programs for institutions, developers and government


2019-2020 GSAPP Incubator Prize

Digital Young Award at Digital Future 2019


Recent Publications:


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