Dynamic Robotic Slip-from Casting and Eco-friendly Building Façade Design


Author: Lei Yu, Dan Luo, Weiguo Xu

Architecture School, Tsinghua University, Beijing China

Abstract. The technology of robot arm has been increasingly known as a future solution to the building industry, which is keen for eco-friendly and labor-efficient processes. Automobile industry is taken as a powerful reference for such revolution. However, unlike automobile industry which mostly deals with standard industrial materials such as metal, building industry still rely on a variety of traditional materials, including concrete cement, brick and clay. Though precast building component is highly promoted, it still has innated constrains, for instance transportation, storage, installation capacity etc. will greatly impact the overall budget. In this article, a research on dynamic slipform concrete extrusion based on robot arm technique will be presented not only in the scope of laboratory experiment, but also in the on-site fabrication and design oriented installation by taking a thoughtful consideration of the energy efficiency and lighting optimization.

Keywords: Slipform, Dynamic concrete case, semi-automatic robotic pipeline, ecofriendly computational design.



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